“Wise Practice” is a multi-level course offering from Dialog-OS.

Level 1 is the Respond Network “More Wise: How to Practice Wisdom” course. 

There we take Respond’s “A Theory of Wisdom” and experientially work with the process and direction of wisdom, then dive into “A Theory of Wisdom Practices” and work with Dialogue, Imaginal, Mindful and Embodiment (D.I.M.E.) practices. The course then culminates into a process of looking at one’s existing practices though providing tools and structure for assessment.

That course is developed by Taylor Barratt and Nathan Vanderpool of the Respond Network. 

In Level 2, we continue with what we’ve learned from “A Theory of Wisdom” and “A Theory of Wisdom Practices” and move into exploring an intermediate Ecology of Practices across D.I.M.E. over 6-weeks.

Participants also engage in solo practice and partner practice between live sessions. In the live sessions we will participate in practices where we can engage with assessment around wiser practice. In one of the later sessions we’ll work with part of the Integral map as a tool for looking at one’s “View” (The process of wisdom is the harmonization of Care, View and Action).

This course is developed by Taylor Barratt (Authentic Relating Toronto / Dialog-OS / Respond)

Are These Courses For You?

Please see the section on Wisdom for more information on why you might want to participate.

Specifically to the course design and content – The design of Level 1 has an emphasis on accessibility to a broad range of potential participants. There is nothing about the course material that should make it exclusionary to the general public. However if after reading the contents of this site as well as any course registration material you find yourself left with some confusion, please feel free to reach out to us to see if we can provide some clarity.

Level 2 is designed as a follow-up to Level 1. It provides more experiential practice compared to Level 1. Practice is also tied with group discussion and exploration of our experience with the practices presented.

Beyond the content of each part, we think it’s also fair to say having an underlying love of learning/growing and having an open mind to new ideas is crucial to experiencing the totality of what the courses can offer you. If you’re frequently overworked, ill, taking two or more other courses or prone to trigger, dissociation or heavily medicated, chances are it will be challenging for you to fully engage in the course.

Upcoming Courses

Level 1 – May / June 2023 – Online

Level 2 – June 2023 – Online