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Dialog-OS is a play on the term dialogos that also references the essential nature of dialog in human interactions. Dialogos translates to ‘through the logos’. The Logos being an active relational and spiritual principle that permeates all reality. It’s also a term that can be related across science and religion, in that it can also reference “divine wisdom”. 

In the context of Dialog-OS, dialogos represents an ever-present potential in dialectic, often showing up through the collective flow. A flow that explores, comes into contact and engages with the ‘deeper truth’ of whatever has our attention. An experience that offers insights that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to come to on our own.

Therefore, Dialog-OS hosts events and courses that offer its participants a playground to access dialogos in service of becoming more wise.
Simply put, Wisdom is the harmonizing of one’s View, Care and Action. Here, View refers to how we see ourselves, others and the world. Care refers to what we perceive as meaningful, and Action refers to what we do. 

We believe the motivation for becoming more wise is so we can avoid foolishness such that we can experience more Goodness, Truth and Beauty in our lives and the world. 

Dialog-OS offers ‘Wisdom Practices’ in service of this.

For more on Wisdom, including what is not wisdom, click here.
Wise Practice & The Kernel
Wise Practice is a multi-level course series designed for beginners and intermediate practitioners. 

The Kernel is a deeper and advanced dive into culminating practices also serving the cultivation of wisdom.

Both are offered within the context of a ‘fellowship’, which references commitment, consistency and shared context such that we can more authentically show up and be for one another on our journey together.

For more information on how The Kernel builds our ways of knowing such that we become more wise, click here.

For more on Wise Practice click here.

Sources / Influences

The work of Dialog-OS is largely influenced by the work of the following people and institutions:

John Vervaeke, PhD (The 4P’s of Knowing, Relevance Realization)

Diane Musho Hamilton and Rob McNamara (Self as Instrument)

Guy Sengstock, Decker Cunov, Michael Porcelli, Josh Stein & others (Circling and Authentic Relating)

Ken Wilber (Integral Theory)

Marshall Rosenberg (Non-Violent Communication)

Alanja Forsberg (Avalon Meeting, Surrendered Unity Leadership)

Fritz Perls / Dr. Arnold Bessier (Gestalt Therapy and The Paradoxical Theory of Change)

Clare Graves (Spiral Dynamics) - Robert Kegan (Constructive Developmental Theory)


Leadership / Facilitation

Meet the people leading and/or facilitating DialogOS spaces.
Taylor Barratt
Taylor Barratt

Lead Facilitator

Taylor has been working in the field of Relational Leadership since 2013. In addition to founding DialogOS, he is also the co-vision-holder for Authentic Relating Toronto and a certified Integral Facilitator.

    Kasia Z.
    Kasia Z.


    Kasia has been leading and facilitating for Authentic Relating Toronto since 2019. With a background in performance and comedy, as well as an affinity for revealing and leading with vulnerability, Kasia often brings levity and depth to spaces she occupies and leads.

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